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Bio-Antioxidants 2019 Website


Fully responsive and custom conference website



Design and development - Frontend & Backend

Text and image processing

Used: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Bootstrap

Bio-Antioxidants is a custom web site for a science conference. Its main purpose is presentational, but it also has some functionalities. The site is used for submitting participation papers for the conference.

The project included both Frontend and Backend development. The web site is Boostrap based and I used JQuery with few plugins also. The Backend is PHP and its purpose is to handle the submitted data from a HTML5 form and to send it via email. Also it must save some of the data on the server (files and data in DB).

The Frontend was not a challange, because of its simplicity. Since it is for a scientific conference, there are not many visual elements and the content is mostly text.