Taxistars Mobile App

Application for taxi ordering

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Taxistars User App


Android Taxi App (for clients)

Multiple features; various user types and complex UX.



Design of multiple elements

Optimization of the number of interactions needed for ordering

Changing UX/UI of Login section

UX/UI of multiple features

My work on the Taxistars mobile app (taxi ordering app) involves primarily designing the majority of the visual elements of the app, as well as of several landing web pages and mail templates. I also design the workflow for new features and services.

My main responsibility is the UI of the product but over the time I've also worked on different prints for the app, e.g. stickers, business cards, and flyers.

I am also in charge of creating prototypes of the new features, new layouts and workflows and to actively participate in the creation of the app layouts (which involves a little bit of coding).